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Latest  Photographs

Crazy Turkey - Phasianidae Meleagris gallopavo
Barn Swallow - Hirundinidae Hirundo rustica
Great Horned Owl - Strigidae Bubo virginianus
Evening Grosbeaks - Coccothraustes verpertinus

Plebejus lupini lutzi - Lupine Blue -(high elev)Guardsman Pass Meadow - Immatures
Pyrgus centaureae loki - Grizzled Skipper- Adult Emerging
Euphilotes ancilla - Rocky Mountain Dotted-Blue - male nectaring
Lycaena_arota schellbachi - Tailed Copper - Male Emerging from Pupa
Satyrium sylvinus putnami - Sylvan Hairstreak - Female Emerging from Pupa
Euphydryas colon nevadensis - Snowberry Checkerspot - Adult
Satyrium sylvinus putnami - Male Emerging from Pupa

Hyalophora gloveri - Glover's Silkmoth - Cocoons - Pupae - Mating Pair
Smerinthus cerisyi - One-Eyed Sphinx - Immatures
Pheosia rimosa - False Sphinx (Black-Rimmed Prominent) Immatures
Hemileuca nuttalli - Nuttall's Sheepmoth - Male Emerging
Autographa californica - Alfalfa Looper - larva, pupa, adult emerging
Antheraea polyphemus - Polyphemus Moth - immatures

Cicada, platypedia putnami lutea

Bluet, Familiar - Enallagman civile - male
Skimmer, Eight-spotted Female - Libellula forensis
Pondhawk, Western Female - Erythemis collocata
Skimmer - Flame - Male - Libellula saturata
Skimmer-Twelve-spotted - Libellula pulchella - female
Skimmer-Twelve-spotted - Libellula pulchella - male
Spreadwing, Great - Archilestes grandis - male
Jewelwing, River - Calopteryx aequabilis - male and female

Squirrel, Rock - Spermophilus variegatus
Snake, Great Basin Gopher  - Pituophis catenifer deserticola
Lizard, Sagebrush - Sceloporus graciosus
Snake, Unknown possible Striped Whipsnake - Masticophis taeniatus

Parnassia fimbriata - Fringed Grass-of-Parnassus
Erigeron glacialis - Daisy, Glacial
Swertia perennis - Gentian, Star
Hypericum scouleri- Western St. Johnswort
Platanthera dilatata - Scent Bottle, White Bog Orchid
Equisetum arvense - Horsetails, Field
Cinquefoil, Shrubby - Dasiphora fruticosa
Wintergreen, One-sided - Orthilia secunda
Mitella, Green - Pectiantia pentandra
Saxifrage, Brook or Stream - Saxifraga odontoloma
Spotted Coralroot - Corallorhiza maculata
White Violet - Viola_canadensis
Large Leaved Avens - Geum macrophyllum
Wintergreen, Pink - Pyrola asarifolia
Owl's Clover - Orthocarpus tolmiei
Sandy Spurrey- Spergularia rubra
Aquilegia canadensis - Common Columbine

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