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Latest  Photographs

Mountain Chickadee - Poecile gambeli
Owlet - Western Screech-Owl - Strigidae Megascops kennicottii

Colias palaeno chippewa 1/4 gynandromorph and white male specimen
Satyrium sylvinus putnami - Sylvan Hairstreak - Immatures
Pyrgus centaureae loki-Grizzled Skipper - Immatures - 2014
Lycaena arota-schellbachi - Tailed Copper - Immatures
Speyeria letona - Great Spangled Fritillary - Immatures
Papilio indra indra - Indra Swallowtail - Immatures
Plebejus shasta - Shasta Blue -  Immatures

Io Moth - Specimen
Unknown moth-immatures from Beaver Canyon, Utah
Celery Looper - Anagrapha falcifera
Many-Spotted Tiger Moth - Hypercompe permaculata
Spotted Tussock Moth - Lophocampa maculata
Pachysphinx modesta - Poplar Moth syn. Modest Sphinx - Immatures
Hyalophora cecropia x Hyalophora gloveri - Cecropia gloveri cross -  Immatures

Bumblebee, Mountain - Bombus appositus
Acmaeodera diffusa
Granulosa Stinkbug - Chlorochroa granulosa

Skimmer-Twelve-spotted - Libellula pulchella - male
Skimmer- Eight-spotted - Libellula forensis -male photo added
Spreadwing, Great - Archilestes grandis - male
Jewelwing, River - Calopteryx aequabilis - male and female
Clubtail, Plains - Gomphus externus - female
Clubtail, Plains - Gomphus externus - male

Lizard, Sagebrush - Sceloporus graciosus
Snake, Unknown possible Striped Whipsnake - Masticophis taeniatus

Milkvetch, Woollypod - Astragalus purshii
Buttercup, Alpine - Ranunculus adoneus (7 petaled)
Beardtongue, Leonard's - Penstemon leonardii
Currant, Wolf's - Ribes wolfii
Hawksbeard, Western - Psilochenia (Crepis) occidentalis 

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