Rocky Mountain Duskywing, Larva-  Erynnis telemachus

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Larva Development

September 5, 2006
larva on September 5, 2006

view of larva

View of the E. telemachus nest

telemachus larva peeking out from it's nest

September 11, 2006 - larva ready to diapause
larva ready to diapause

February 23, 2007- after coming in from winter diapause
larva after coming in from winter diapause

Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
Larva located  3 September 2006, 8000’ at  Navajo Spring Wash; North East  side of Utah Highway 20, 1.2 miles South of Burnt Peak, Iron County, Utah -  Todd L. Stout/Wayne H. Whaley leg.

Pupa Development
1. thru 9. Photos showing the color changes as the pupa develops

Larva Development
1. Larva ready to diapause on September 11, 2006
2., 3.  Two views of larva  on September 5, 2006
4., 5.  Two view of  the nest that the Rocky Mountain Duskywing larva made on the host plant.

Host Plant - Quercus gambelii
For photos of host plant, click on


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