Western Tailed-Blue
Cupido amyntula


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Immatures   Adults    Male Eclose   Female Eclose   

Male Dorsal
male dorsal
Female Dorsal
female dorsal

Male Ventral
male ventral

Female Ventral
female ventral

Photos ©Nicky Davis

Male Dorsal -  Jack Harry located Bountiful Peak, Davis County, Utah,
elevation of 9000 feet, 21 June 1992

Male Ventral -  J
ack Harry located Manning Canyon, SW of Cedar Fort, Utah County, Utah, Elevation 6000 feet, 29 May 1993

Female Dorsal -  Jack Harry located 9 miles SW of Grantsville, North Willow Canyon, Tooele County, Utah
elevation 7000 feet,  17 May 1989

Female Ventral - Jack Harry located at Bountiful Peak,  Davis County, Utah, elevation 9000, 21 June 1992

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