Rocky Mountain Dotted-Blue
Euphilotes ancilla


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Male Dorsal View  - İTodd Stout
male dorsal
Female Dorsal View - İTodd Stout
female dorsal view

Male Ventral View - İTodd Stout
Male ventral view

Female Ventral View - İTodd Stout
female ventral

Photos İNicky Davis
Females located by Todd Stout 22 June 2010 in Farmington Canyon, West side of the Wasatch Mountains, 1.3 miles NNE of the city of Farmington, Davis County, Utah.  Elevation  5300 feet.

Ova:  4 days
Larvae:  23 - 24 days - Feed on Flowers
Pupae:  13 to 15 days
Adults:  unknown
Brood or Flight: One
Overwinter as Pupa

Host Plant
Parsnipflower Buckwheat - Eriogonum heracleoides

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