Edith's Copper
Lycaena editha montana

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Immatures      Adult    

Male - Dorsal
Emerged 5 May 2006
Female - Dorsal
Emerged 10 May 2006

Male - Ventral
Emerged 6 May 2006

Female - Ventral
Emerged 11 May 2006

PHOTO DETAILS - ©Nicky Davis
From female located by Jack Harry 24 July 2005, Utah Highway 150, at the start of the Upper Setting Road, .9 miles East of Kamas, Summit County, Utah, elevation 7500 feet

Life History

Larvae:  Larvae fed 14 days then hibernated as third instar.  Larvae were taken out of hibernation in March 2011 and molted to fourth instar 20 March 2011.  Fourth instar fed for  9-10 days  before forming pupae.
Pupae:  9 days to eclosure
Adult:  Unknown

Host Plant
   Rumex acetosella (a hybrid)

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