Lilac-Bordered Copper
Lycaena nivalis browni

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Specimen Photos from the Jack Harry Collection
Male Dorsal

Female Dorsal

Male Ventral

Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
Photos of specimen in the Jack Harry Collection

Male - Dorsal
Emerged 30 May 2001 from Female located by Jack Harry
 22 July 2001, 2 Miles East of Utah Road #39
Dairy Ridge, Rich County, Utah

Male - Ventral
Emerged 26 April 2007 from female located by  Jacque  Wolfe
29 July 2006, 7 miles SE of US road #89, .5 miles west of So. Rd,
Elk Springs Road, Cache County, Utah

Female - Dorsal
Emerged 23 July 2008 from female located by J. Wolfe &
T. Stout - 1 July 2007, Sunrise Campground, So. side
Sinks Rd., Rich County, Utah

Host Plant
They will only oviposit on Polygonum douglasii.  We have gotten a very few reared on R. crispus, but most of them didn't make it.  The last batch that J. Wolfe reared were reared on P. douglasii.  They did really well and he got a lot reared
- Jack Harry

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