American Copper
Lycaena phlaeas feildeni

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Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
LOCATION: Female located by Jack Harry at Iqaluit, Baffin Island, Nunavut Territory, Canada, July 2009
lat 63.76, lon -68.52
ELEVATION: 278 feet

PHOTOS of Adults

Females oviposited on Alpine Mountain Sorrel, Oxyria digyna
 Larvae emerged 28 July 2009

Larvae were fed Rumex crispus cuttings in  1/2 ounce solo cups which were changed morning and evening to keep them clean and healthy. They were also kept at about 76 degrees and 24x7 light. Number two grew at an astonishing rate and was pre-pupa on the 9th of August, only 12 days from hatching.  Pupa formed on the 11th of August.  #2 butterfly eclosed after only 6 days as a pupa.  The other larvae were a little slower with the last one forming a pupa on the 16th of August.  Most of these eclosed after 7 days.

#3 pupa formed on brown paper toweling, 14 August 2009
2 shots of #2 Pupa formed and photographed 11 August 2009 -Lateral and Dorsal View
2 shots of #3 Pupa formed 14 August, photo 8:38 A.M. 21 August 2009 -Lateral  and Dorsal View
2 shots of #3 Pupa formed 14 August, photo 3:28 P.M. 21 August 2009 -Lateral and Dorsal View

Butterfly eclosed 5:24 P.M. 21 August 2009

Ovum:  unknown, these were chilled toretard rate of development
Larva:  14 to 19 days including the pre-pupa stage
Pupa:  6-7 days
Adult:  unknown
Broods: 1  brood for this ssp. but several in other ssp.  in different locations depending on hours of sunlight and temperature determining availability of host plants. per "Butterflies of North America"  James A. Scott.
Hibernation:  Overwinter as half grown larvae per "Butterflies of North America"  James A. Scott.

Larval Host Plant
These larvae were fed Curly Dock, Rumex crispus

Mountain sorrel, Alpine Sorrel, Oxyria digyna (pronounced ox-ear-ee-ah    dih-'guy-nah)

Curly Dock, Rumex crispus  (pronounced 'roo (as in boo) - meks     KRIS-pus

Sheep sorrel, Rumex acetosella  (pronounced 'roo (as in boo) - meks     ass-eh-TOW-sell-ah or eh-seat-oh-sell=ah

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Lycaena phlaeas feildeni
pronounce  li  - seen - ah     flee - us