Boisduval's Blue
Plebejus icarioides  pembina
 Male Eclosure

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Male Eclosure








drying wings

Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
Located females at Strawberry Reservoir, Wasatch County, Utah on  June 24, 2008. 
Elevation 7700 feet
N. 40.09.85, W. 111.11.517

Laid eggs on June  25th and the larvae hatched on June 30, 2008.  These normally hibernate as 2nd instar after turning brown per James A. Scott's Butterflies of North America.  I reared them under 24x7 room light by an east facing window, changed to fresh host plant daily and some of these went straight through to adult butterflies.

Females began ovipositing on June 25th using the lupine from Strawberry Reservoir.  (5 days as ova)

Larva hatched June 30th, photo taken on July 2, 2008.  Larvae fed on lupine from Strawberry Reservoir 23 to 26 days before pupating. (5 days as first instar)
Molted to 2nd instar on July 5th, photo taken on July 6th (3 days as  second instar)
Molted to 3rd instar on July  8th, Left photo taken on July 11th, right photo on  July 13th (6-7 days as third instar)
Molted to 4th and last instars on July  14th and 15th photo (7 days as fourth instar)
Cannibalized larva photo

Butterflies emerged from pupae after about 10 days.

Sub-Species information
"7700' in Wasatch Co. would make them pembina. The borderline between pembina and fulla (ardea) is real fuzzy-  basically,  a 1500 or 2000' chunk of real estate between the deserts and mountain  habitats..."  Andy Warren

Lupine, unknown species from Strawberry Reservoir.

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