Sylvan Hairstreak
Satyrium sylvinus putnami
Female Emerging

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fe emerging





Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis

On 20 and 21 July 2014 Les and Nicky Davis located a couple of female Satyrium sylvinus putnami  nectaring on Goldenrod flowers and resting on Coyote Willow - Salix exigua in Butterfield Canyon alongside the creek.  Nectar sources were scarce in this canyon at this time of year.

Butterflies oviposited 43 ova on 24 July 2014. They were placed in the crotches between stems and leaves and also in the "V angle of a dried leaf in batches of two to five ova.  This species hibernates as ova.

Ova were removed from hibernation on 11 April 2015 and spritzed with water every day.  They began emerging 20 April 2015 and continued until 27 April 2015.  Thirty seven as of April 27, 2015 emerged. 

Female just after emerging from pupa

Ova - overwinter
First Instars 3 days
Second Instars 5-7 days
Third Instars 4 days
Fourth instars 8 days
After Color Change and Prepupa to Pupa 3 days
Pupae - 13 days (38 days from ova hatching to butterfly emerging)
Reared in temperatures of about 75-78 F.  Lights were kept on about 14 hours per day.

Host Plant
Coyote Willow - Salix exigua

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