Gray Hairstreak
Strymon melinus

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Male showing red on the tip of the abdomen

PHOTO DETAILS - ©Nicky Davis

August 05, 2006, Draper City, Salt Lake County, Utah
1.  Shows red color of male's abdomen
2.   Ventral
3.  close-up of tip of abdomen

The male has orange-red on abdomen while the female abdomen is plain gray.
7/8 to 1 3/16 inches, tailed, upperside navy gray with orange spot near tail. Underside, paler gray, hindwing postmedian line may be edged with orange toward the inside, They use nectar from a wide variety of plants, 2 to 3 flights March to November

Host Plant
A great variety of plants can be used by this species as the larval host plant.  They usually eat the flowers and fruit of plants in the pea  and mallow family.  For photos of the host plant for these larvae, click on

Redroot Buckwheat - Eriogonum racemosum

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