Spring Azure
Celastrina ladon echo==Celastrina echo


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Male Dorsal

Male dorsal

Female Dorsal

female dorsal

Photos ©Nicky Davis
Specimen from the Jack Harry Collection

Male Dorsal
Jack Harry located  25 May 1981,
Little Cottonwood Canyon, .75 miles East of powerplant
Salt Lake County, Utah - elevation 5800 feet

Jack Harry located female 3 miles East of
Holladay, Neff's Canyon, Salt Lake County, Utah
elevation 6000 - emerged 15 April 1988

Can be from January to July  depending on location and altitude

Host Plant
Wild Lilac - Ceanothus velutinus

Other plants noted  cherry, buckeye, waxflower,  dogwood, blueberries, viburnum, hollies

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