Polyphemus Moth
Antheraea polyphemus

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#3 Purged Excess Liquid and Began Spinning Cocoon 9 July 2015

Cocoon with the dried Oak leaves removed

Pupae - Female 33 mm Long at Top
Shows Mark at Fourth Segment from Wing Case
Small Antennae

Male  28 mm Long at Bottom
Shows NO Mark on Fourth Segment from Wing Case
Large Antennae
male and female pupae 33mm, 28 mm

Photos ©Nicky Davis

Kevin Collison from Osceola, Polk County, Wisconsin (elevation 825 feet) had a female polyphemus mate May 31, 2015 and she oviposited on June 1,  2015I received ova on June 6, 2015.

Kevin advised that the caterpillars hatch in about 6 days with temperatures in low 90s, 24 days with temperatures in the mid 60s and about 10 days in the low 70s.

Ova - 10 days as ova
at 75 ° F

First Instar - Hatched 11 June 2015 - Three days as first instar (75°-78°) - 3 mm long
Second Instar - #3 Molted to 2nd instar 14 June 2014 - Four days as second instar - 6 mm long
Third Instar - #3 molted to 3rd instar 18 June 2015 -  Five days as third instar - 12 mm long
Fourth Instar - #3 Molted to 4th Instar 23 June 2015 - Seven days as fourth Instar, 19 mm long
26 June 2015 40 mm long
Fifth Instar - #3 Molted to 5th instar on 30 June 2015- 60 mm long at rest - 9-11 days as fifth instar
Purged excess fluids and began silking surrounding leaves to make a cocoon- #3 on 9 July 2015 (9 days as fifth instar), others at 8 days and 10 days as fifth instars.
Photo of cocoon with dried Oak leaves removed.
Photos of Female and Male Pupae.  Female is 33 mm long and has mark on fourth segment from wing case while the male is 28 mm long and has no mark on the fourth segment.

Gambel Oak - Quercus gambelii  was used as the host plant

Oak (Quercus), Birch (Betula), Willow (Salix)
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