Luna Moth
Actias luna
Ova & Larvae

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Ovum oviposited 4 June 2011
Luna ovum

First Instar - hatched 11:47 A.M. 14 June 2011
First Instar

Second Instar -  18 June 2011
2nd instar

Third  Instar -  22 June 2011
thrid instar

Fourth Instar - 25 June 2011 - Photo on 27 June 2011
4th instar

Fifth Instar - 30 June 2011 - Photo on 7 July 2011
5th instar

Fifth Instar - 30 June 2011 - Photo on 7 July 2011
5th instar - dorsal view

8 July 2011  showing agility
Agility demonstration

12  July 2011 - Larva purged its excess liquid  prior to forming a nest 
where it could safely change into a pupa
purged excess fluid before forming nest where it could pupate

12  July 2011 -  A peek inside the nest

12  July 2011 - Notice the larva changing color in this photo
larva changing color

Close-up of Fifth Instar  face while feeding on a birch leaf
close-up of face while feeding

Closeup of the true legs
true legs

Closeup of the  prolegs used to walk and to attach  to the plant surface.
The prolegs have tiny hooks called crochets  that act like suction cups

Photo of the discarded head case from the molt to fifth instar
heqd case

PHOTO DETAILS - ©Nicky Davis
LOCATION:  Ova from  Eau Claire Co, Wisconsin, 4 June 2011

Ovum:  9 - 10 days
Larva:  28- 30 days
If the pupae formed 3 days after the larvae purged liquid , then they were in the pupa stage  approximately 15 days
Adult:  unknown
Broods: unknown
Hibernation:  pupa

Host Plant
White Birch  - Betula papyrifera