Tobacco Hornworm
also called Goliath Worm
As adult known as Carolina sphinx moth
Manduca sexta
Family - Sphingidae
Adult, Caterpillars and Pupae

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Male Manduca secta emerged 7 May 2017
six orange spots on each side
male that emerged in 2017 

male hornworm

Tobacco Hornworm on gas station sign 2016
Photographed by Jack Binch
moth adult

Tobacco Hornworm has seven white diagonal stripes with black borders and red horn

Red Horn at rear of caterpillar

Thoracic legs, mandibles (jaws) and Ocelli (eyes)
head 14

Hooks at bottom of prolegs

In this photo you can see the darker green
 aorta line down the center of the dorsal side.
The pulsing line appears when the
 caterpillar is ready to bury itself in
soil and pupate

Caterpillar burrowing into soil, sand and wood shavings
where it will pupate
They are ready to begin the pupation process
when the aorta line becomes visible.

Female Pupa - 58 mm long
fe manduca sexta

Slit at fourth segment from wing case indicates Female

Male  - No slit at fourth segment from wingcase

Adult Moth, Sandy City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA.  Located and photographed by  @Jack Binch

Carol Davis gave me two of these caterpillars that came from her neighbor's garden in Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA. ©Nicky Davis

Photo of caterpillar showing white lines bordered by black indicating Manduca sexta
Photo of red horn indicating Tobacco Hornworm - Manduca sexta
Photo shows mandibles, eyes and thoracic legs
Photo shows  abdominal prolegs

Photo shows the darker green aorta line down the center of the dorsal side which indicates the caterpillar is ready to burrow into the soil so it can pupate there.
Photo shows caterpillar burrowing into soil, sand and wood shaving to pupate

It took the caterpillars about five days to make the change into pupae.

Photo of  female pupa
Photo of female pupa fourth segment from wing case showing a slit indicating a female

Photo of male pupa
Photo of male pupa fourth segment from wing case showing no slit indicating a male.
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