Glover's  Silkmoth
Saturniidae Saturniinae
Hyalophora  gloveri
Cocoons - Pupae
Mating Pair - Female Adult

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Spinning cocoon - Eleventh day as Fifth Instar

Cocoon in Progress - Eleventh Day as Fifth Instar

Two cocoons with the willow leaves removed
hyalophora gloveri

Pupae - Female top, Male  With Larger Antennae Bottom
male and female

Male has no mark on fourth section from wing case


Female Has a Slit in the Fourth Segment from Wing Case


Female Pupa Showing Development on Wing Case - 27 July 2015
wing development

Mating Pair  courtesy Tim Dalsing

Mating Pair  courtesy Tim Dalsing


Photo Details ŠNicky Davis

Purged excess fluid on 26 June 2015 and began spinning cocoon
Photos of male and female pupae
Photos of mating pair courtesy Tim Dalsing
Photo of Female that eclosed ~20 August 2015

HOST:  Salix exigua

Family Tree
Family:  Saturniidae,   Genus: Hyalophora,   Species:  columbia,   Ssp.  gloveri

In the west the caterpillar hosts are the western choke cherry (Prunus demissa), bitter cherry (P. emarginata), bitterbrush (Purshia tridentata), wild roses (Rosa), willows (Salix), buffalo berry (Shepherdia argentea), Russian olive (Eleagnus angustifolius), and buckbrush (Ceanothus).  Identification marks: Wings are dark brown to red-brown. The gray area outside the white postmedian band does not contain any red. Crescent spots on the forewings and hindwings are white, although occasionally the spots on the forewing may be reduced or absent.

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