Eri Silkmoth
Samia ricini

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1 September 2016, first instar emerging
ricini hatching

First Instar
1 September 2016
first instar

Second and Third Instars
2nd-third instars_4sep2016

6 September 2016-Three yellowish color about to molt

11 September 2016
11september 2016_1

17 September 2016 - 37 mm long

Click for Ricini silking


Photos - ©Nicky Davis
Received ova from John Richards.  The Original caterpillars were from Wayne Whaley 3 July 2016 and eclosed 19 August 2016.  They were mated with sibling and oviposited 20 August 2016.  Wayne originally got eggs from a dealer in the UK. "This moth is not a true specie and doesn't occur in the wild, it is a polyhygrid of multiple wild Samia species. They will feed on a wide range of plants  including Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus) and ligustrum (privet), Ricinus (castor) Prunus (cherries) and more.  Because of inbreeding they suffer from many crippled individuals." Information from the site.

I tried them on Chokecherry first but they wouldn't feed on it so they were switched over to Tree of Heaven leaves.

Oviposited on 25 August, 2016, one bunch just in a pile before female was placed in brown bag, where she laid many, many more.
Caterpillar breaking out 1 September 2016
Photo of first instar on 1 September 2016 4.5 mm long
Photo on 5 September 2016 of what may be second and third instars. The largest one is 8 mm long.
Photo on 11 September 2016
Photo on 17 September 2016 - 37 mm long
Caterpillars had a maximum length of 75 mm, they expelled a bit of excess fluids and shrunk some then began choosing leaves to silk into.
Total time as caterpillar was about 35 days.
Cocoon Photo on 27 September 2016
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