Salicet Sphinx
Smerinthus saliceti

Family:  Sphingidae
Subfamily:  Sphinginae
Tribe:  Smerithini
Hodges # 7823
Boisduval, 1875

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Pupa     Male and Female

Second Instar on  Quaking Aspen, Salicaceae populus tremuloides - 1 June 2011
2nd instar on 1 June 2011

#1 molted to Third Instar on 6 June 2011, Photo taken on  13 June.
Third instar - 13 June

#1 Molted to Fourth Instar on 15 June 2011, Photo taken on 16 June.
fourth instar photo on 16 June

Close-up of  #1's Head on 16 June
head close up on 16 June

#3 Molted to Fifth Instar on 19 June 2011, Photo taken on 22 June. Length on the 22nd was 50 mm
This is their normal resting position
#3 at 5th instar

#3  Fifth Instar feeding on Quaking Aspen - 22 June 2011
#3 5th instar feeding

#2  (one of the more blue colored larva) Close-up of head  
#2 close-up

#3  Close-up  showing eyes
#3 eyes

#2 Leg Close-up

leg close-up

Photo Details  ŠNicky Davis
John Richards used a light trap to locate female 21 May 2011 at Catalina State Park, Near  Tucson, Pima County, Arizona. 

Ovum:  About 10 days to hatch,  1.5 mm, slightly oblique in shape with central dimple on top.  They are slightly yellowish-cream color and were oviposited in groups on a paper sack for four days.
Larva:  These fed from  27 - 30 days before pupating. Maximum length was 70 mm , some were blue-ish and other more green.

Two pre-pupae were placed  in individual plastic containers that were 4.5 inch diameter- three inch high with recycled brown paper toweling lining the inside like a bowl and the same paper across the top and also the plastic lid.

One pre-pupa was in the same set-up but with wood shavings added.

Two pre-pupae were placed in the same paper lined container but  was half filled with fine sand from a pet supply store with wood shavings added over the sand to nearly  fill the container.  These pupae burrowed into the sand going against the bottom of the container.

Pupa:  Three days after  walking off plant and changing color, they pupated
Hibernation:  Overwinters as

Host Plant
Quaking Aspen, Salicaceae pupulus tremuloides