Many-Spotted Tiger Moth
Hypercompe permaculata
Sub-Family - Arctiidae
Family - Erebidae
Hodges #8144
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Photos of the  adult Many-spotted Tiger Moth
Hypercompe permaculata






John Richards had female oviposit
ova oviposited in a "sheet"

First Instar
first instar

Second Instar photo on 27 August 2017
2nd instar

Third Instar 30 August 2017
3rd instar

Fourth Instar 4 September 2017 10 mm long
4th instar

Fifth Instar on 9 September 2017
5th instar on 9 sep2017

     Sixth Instar as of 14 September 2017
6th instar

Molted to Seventh Instar 25 September, photo on 28 September 2017
7th instar

Molted to Eighth Instar and photographed on 30 September 2017

Molted to Ninth Instar 8 October 2017
9th instar

Molted to Tenth Instar 24 October 2017 - 35 mm long
10th instar

Adult photographed by Nicky Davis was located 28 August 2014 at Scipio, Millard County, Utah

Ova photographed  by John L. Richards .  He and Kirt Josephson located a female at Mercury light,14 August 2017 in Utah, Juab County, 3 miles west of 9 Mile Canyon, South side of Soldier Creek Rd

Larvae emerged 22 August 2017
Started feeding dandelion

First Instar photographed on 23 August 2017 - using dandelion leaves as host plant
Second Instar 5 mm long photographed on 27 August 2017 (made 2nd instar 25 August)
Third Instar  6 mm long photographed 8:00 p.m. 30 August 2017 right after molt
Fourth Instar 10 mm long photographed 8:00 a.m. 4 September 2017
Fifth Instar on 9 September
Sixth Instar on 14 September
Seventh Instar 25 September photo on 28 September
Eight Instar 30 September 
Ninth Instar 8 October
Tenth Instar  24 October 2017
Two caterpillars stopped feeding the middle of October and were placed in the crisper of the refrigerator to diapause.

Possible larvae Host Plants
Common Chickweed - Stellaria media
Knotweed - Polygonum
Dandelion - Taraxicum
Plaintain - Plantago
Endive - Cichorium endivia
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