Small Wood-Nymph
Cercyonis oetus charon

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#3 Adult
Emerged 9:53 P.M. November 6, 2007

emerging from pupa

9:53 P.M. November 6th

9:54 P.M.

9:54 P.M.

10:00 P.M.

10:04 P.M.


10:16 P.M.


Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
Todd Stout collected female August 1, 2007, Francis peak Road, 1 mile Se Francis Peak, Davis County, Utah at 9000 feet.

Ova hatch in about 17 days
These larvae fed for about 35 days.
The pupae took about 12 days to eclose

Adult Characteristics
Postmedian dark band on forewing does not go up further than the top eyespot. The lower eyespot on the forewing is smaller than the top  eyespot and is closer to the outer edge of the wing.

Host Plant

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