Fulvia Checkerspot
Chlosyne fulvia coronado==Thessalia fulvia coronado


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Male Dorsal - Catalina Mountains - Pepper Sauce Canyon - 2008
Male Dorsal
Female Dorsal -  Catalina Mountains - Near Molina Basin - 2012
Female Dorsal

Male Ventral - Catalina Mountains - Pepper Sauce Canyon - 2008
Male Ventral

Female Ventral-  Catalina Mountains - Near Molina Basin - 2-12
Female Ventral

PHOTO DETAILS - ©Nicky Davis
Male specimen from the "Jack Harry Collection"
Female specimen pinned by Jack Harry

Male Specimen located 30 March 2008 by Doug Mullins  in Pepper Sauce Canyon, Catalina Mountaina,  Pima County, Arizona, USA

Female Specimen from the 1st to 3rd larvae collected by Brian Banker
Tuesday April 24, 2012, Lower "Jim Brock Canyon" (Upper Molino Basin Center Fork) 100 yards up from Molino Basin on e. side of Catalina Hwy, Catalina Mtns., Coronado National Forest, approximately 10 miles NE of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, USA. Host Castilleja lanata

GPS: Unknown
PHOTOS:  Second, third, fourth and fifth instars plus  newly formed pupa and pupa just before eclosure

Ovum:  unknown
Larva:  I received 2nd and 3rd instars so total time as larvae is unknown
Pupa:  About 9 days
Hibernation:  Overwinter as  larvae

Host Plant
Castilleja chromosa - Indian Paintbrush
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