Danainae  Danaus  plexippus

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 Female   Male   Immatures  2016 Female, immatures

bursting from the
                      pupa pushing pupa away
                      with legs

out of the pupa

forewings separated

emerging from pupa

wings are expanding


after emerging from pupa

Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis
On August 26, 2006,  ova and larvae located  on private property in Salt Lake County with permission granted from property owner.  All these photos are not of the same individual.  The larvae that developed from the two ovum collected  are much larger than the two larvae collected  as young instars.

Butterfly from larva #1  emerged on September 25, 2006
Row 1 through 4 - This butterfly  popped the pupa open at 9:08 A.M. and the last photo was at 9:28 A.M.

Host plant


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