California Crescent
 Phyciodes orseis
Female Emergence

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12:56 P.M. emerging from pupa

12:56 P.M. emerging from pupa

inflating wings - 12:57 P.M. April 15, 2007

12:58 P.M., April 16, 2007

1:03 P.M. April 16, 2007

1:04 P.M. April 16, 2007

underside of abdomen

top side of abdomen

1:38 P.M., finally opened it's wings

Photo Details -  ©Nicky Davis
Larva was found in Northern California by Jacque Wolfe.  Orseis hibernate as  fourth instars.
Photos were taken April 16, 2007 as the butterfly emerged from the pupa, inflated and dried it's wings.

Host Plant
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Wavy Leaf Thistle ==Gray Thistle -
Cirsium undulatum

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