Nokomis Fritillary
Speyeria nokomis apacheana


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Ovum oviposited on violet leaf  28 August, photographed on 28 August 2010

Ovum oviposited on paper bag on 21 August, showing development and photographed 28 August 2010
ovum laid 21 August, shows development 28 August

First Instar feeding on ovum after hatching 31 August 2010
feeding on egg

Second Instar molted 9 September 2010
molted to 2nd instar 9 sep 2010

Third Instar set to molt to Fourth Instar 14 September 2010
3rd instar

Fourth Instar on 15 September 2010
4th instar

Fifth Instar
5th instar

Sixth  Instar
6th instar

Sixth  Instar
6th instar

Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
Located Females 20 August 2010 at the meadow near Koosharem, Sevier County, Utah. 

Two females oviposited  about 350 ova but there was a very low hatch rate.  No eggs from #1 female hatched even though she laid  quite a few but not as many as  #2 female.
The ones that did hatch did so after ten or eleven days

A few of these fed for twenty two days but never formed a pupa. They were placed in hibernation, but died.


Spay - AIR - ee - uh

Host Plant
viola - these were fed  pansies
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