Utah Julia Orangetip
Anthocharis julia browningi

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Female Inflating wings October 26, 2006
fe eclosure

Male Eclosure October 26, 2006




Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
Photos of Male immediately after emergence from pupa

One photo of Female Eclosure October 26, 2006

Female was extracted by Todd Stout on April of 2005  from Taylor Canyon on the West side of the Wasatch Mountains,  elevation of 5300 feet, 1.3 miles North Northeast of Weber State University, Weber County, Utah.  When this pupa began breaking diapause in February of 2006, Todd sent it to me so I could watch its development.   It was kept at a temperature of approximately 75 degrees F., lights on 12-14 hours per day and window shutters open but  with no direct sunlight.  

The Type Locality of A. julia browningi is City Creek Canyon, Salt Lake County, Utah; Skinner.   In both sexes, the dark markings are reduced or washed out as compared to A. julia stella.  The background color is off white with some yellowish tint which can be even more pronounced in some Cache County populations.  This subspecies is recognized by some as being a race of A. sara.  (The entire complex is under study by Stout.)  However, consistent larval differences between this subspecies, stella, and flora in contrast with sara and thoosa, likely will place browningi under the umbrella of julia. 

Host Plants
Dyer's Woad - Isatis tinctoria
Sicklepod Rockcress - Arabis  sparsiflora
Pinnate or Western Tansymustard, Descurainia pinnata

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