Christina Sulphur, ssp. Krauthi
Colias christina krauthi

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Male - Dorsal

Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis

LOCATION: Male specimen located by Jim Reiser at Deerfield Reservoir, Pennington County, South Dakota, 2 July 1997.  Photographed from the Jack Harry Collection.
GPS:  unknown
ELEVATION:  unknown

After coming out of hibernation, they were given Astrgalus cicer  which they fed on for some time but then lost interest.  I tried them on willow which they refused.  I also tried them on Thermopsis montana which they fed on a little.  I was not able to get more of this plant because it all died due to weather. Therefore, the larva that was left could not make it to pupa and it died.

Ovum:  ?
Larva: ?
Pupa:  ?
Adult:  ?
Broods: one
Hibernation:  Overwinters as  third instar

Host Plant
They use a Hedysarum species in South Dakota
Mountain Goldenpea - Thermopsis montana
Chickpea Milkvetch - Astragalus cicer
Narrow leaf Willow - Salix  exigua

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