Black Saddlebags, Male
Libellulidae Tramea lacerata

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dorsal view

full view - lateral

full view - dorsal

full view - lateral

Saddle mark on hind wings
close-up of black saddle mark on hind wings

Head, thorax and male genitalia
head, thorax and male genitalia - lateral view

Head and Thorax
head and thorax - dorsal view

lateral view of appendages

dorsal view of appendages


Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
August 07, 2006  at  Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah
North 40° 55' 48"   West 112
°  12' 43" 
Elevation 4827 feet

1. Full view - dorsal
2. Full view - lateral
3. Full view - dorsal
4. Full view - lateral
5.  close-up of black saddle mark on hind wings
6.  left - side view of head, thorax and male gentalia
6.  right - dorsal view of head and thorax
7.  left, right - views of appendages

  • Named "Saddlebags" because they have a black saddle mark on the hind wings.
  • Length is from 1.85 to 2  inches with a wingspan  of 3.75 to 4 inches
  • Large black saddle mark on hind wings
  • abdomen has a yellowish spot on top.

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