Ground Spider
Possible Sosticus insularis
Possible  Zelotes fratis
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24 June 2018

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   ŠNicky Davis
Photographed at Draper, Salt Lake County, Utah June 24, 2018
Sent to Bugguide for I.D..  They I.D.'d to Gnaphosidae

This spider has a dark brown cephalothorax and abdomen , all legs a light/medium quite uniform brown color. The spinnerets are a light to medium brown about the same as the legs.

Rebecca Benson Ray suggested Gnaphosidae zelotes which has all black legs per "Common Spiders of North America"
Dallin Ashby suggested Gnaphosidae Sosticus insularis which has the femur colored dark brown and the rest of the leg light color per  "Common Spiders of North America"