Kukulcania utahana

Family - Filistatidae - Crevice Weaver

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spider_kukulcania utahana



Spiderling  out of egg sac 11 September 2011
spiderling 11sep

Spiderling 14 September 2011
Perching in the afternoon
on the water-soaked yellow sponge used for pin crickets to drink
on 14th

A den
With Spiderlings 17 September 2016
with spiderling

Spiderling 17 September 2016

Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis

1 1/2 inch long spider was identified by Craig Taylor
Located in its burrow by Tim Dalsing, Craig Taylor, Les and Nicky Davis at Eagle Mountain, Utah County, Utah, 21 August 2016
Spiderlings out of egg sac 11 September 2016

Kukulcania utahana (Chamberlin & Ivie 11 August 2015)

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