Tibellus Duttoni or Chamberlini
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Tibellus Spider

Photo Details
: I rotated the photo to fit the page, he was hanging with his head down. August 3, 2005, Scipio, Millard County, Utah  ©Nicky Davis

Family tree
Family: Philodromidae (some classify as a sub-family of Thomisidae), Genus: Tibellus, Species: Duttoni or Chamberlini

"A member of the genus Tibellus (either of the two extremely slim species duttoni or chamberlini) in the Family Philodromidae (some used to include this as a subfamily in the Family Thomisidae). Normally these are stretched out on a blade of grass and thus hard to see, but this one is a male (males are even slimmer than females) who wandered out of his natural habitat while searching for a female."  Jerome Rovner
Other examples:  http://www.6thinternational.org/2004/week34/