Douglas rabbitbrush
Chrysothamnas viscidiflorus

Green rabbitbrush, Low rabbitbrush, Yellow rabbitbrush,
Sticky-leaf rabbitbrush, Viscid rabbitbrush


Crinitaria viscidiflora, Ericameria viscidiflora

Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)

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Leaves are twisted
twisted leaves



Welcome Springs  August 30, 2015
welcome springs

Photo Details - ŠNicky Davis
1-5, Located  in foothills above Draper, Utah

6. Located Welcome Springs, Washington County, Utah 30 August 2015

"Sunflower family (Asteraceae). Yellow rabbitbrush is a low- to moderate-growing shrub reaching mature heights of 20 to 100 cm (8 to 39 in) tall. The stems can be glabrous or pubescent depending on variety, and are covered with pale green to white-gray bark. The leaves are narrow and linear to oblong 1 to 6 cm (0.4 to 2.4 in) long and 0.5 to 8 mm (0.02 to 0.3 in) wide and often appear twisted. The flowers heads are borne in numerous compact to open terminal cymes. The flower heads are 5 to 7.5 mm (0.2 to 0.3 in) long and 2 to 4 mm (0.08 to 0.16 in) wide with glandular or pubescent bracts. The individual flowers are yellow 4 to 6 mm (0.16 to 0.25 in) long, producing a 4 mm (0.16 in) long, hairy achene (Welsh et al., 2003). There are five recognized varieties of yellow rabbitbrush including varieties planifolius, lanceolatus, puberulus, axillaris and viscidiflorus which can be distinguished by leaf morphology, stem pubescence and distribution." NRCS

Butterfly Larvae Host Plant for
Sagebrush Checkerspot -  Chlosyne acastus acastus

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