Curly Dock,
Rumex crispus

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Photo Details
1.  Located by restrooms at Guardsman Pass, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt lake County, Utah, August 4, 2015
2.  Plant has gone to seed.  September 12, 2004 - LeBarron Point, Utah County, Utah - ŠNicky Davis
3.  Uinta Mountains, Duchesne County, Utah
An introduced, noxious, perennial weed in several USA states. Leaves can be consumed in moderation if cooked in 2 or more changes of water.  The plant is high in vitamins and iron. Herbalists believe it is a blood purifier and liver stimulant

The leaves of these plants are used by some butterfly  caterpillars as a food plant.  For photos of larvae(if available) or adults, click on

Lycaena helloides
Lycaena phlaeas feildeni
Lycaena hyllus
Lycaena rubidus

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