Pygmyflower Rock Jasmine==Northern Rock Jasmine - Primulaceae (Primrose Family) Androsace septentrionalis
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1/8 inch flower and a bud of the Pygmyflower Rock Jasmine

Flower stems with seed pods beginning to form, 3 August 2008
stems with seed pods beginning to form

Photo Details  ©Nicky Davis
Photos taken 3 August 2008, Murdock Mountain, Uinta Mountains, Duchesne County, Utah
N. 40.40.881, W. 110.55.165
Elevation 10,349 feet at base, and  11,207 at the top

The plant has narrow basal leaves about 1 1/2 inches long.  It has leafless flowering stems up to 7 inches tall that carries a cluster of up to twenty-five white flowers at the top.  Each 1/8 inch  flower is on a stalk that can be up to four inches long. 

Click below to see photos of the butterfly that uses this plant as a larva host.
Primrose Blue == Arctic Blue Butterfly== Agriades glandon rustica==Plebejus glandon rustica.

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