Sheep Sorrel - Polygonaceae (Buckwheat Family) Rumex acetosella
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Upper Setting area  along Highway 150
Upper Setting area  along Highway 150

   Lambs Canyon
acetosella in lambs Canyon

Photo Details - ©Nicky Davis
Located at Upper Setting, Uinta Mountains, Summit County, Utah
Elevation 7533 feet
GPS N. 40.37.518, W. 111.08.151

Also located at Lambs Canyon, June 23, 2013

Perennial , female flowers are maroon, male flowers are greenish yellow, stems red tinted, leaves are arrowhead shaped, likes moist soil, about 18 inches tall.  The leaves are edible and can be used in salads.

The leaves are used by some Copper butterfly larvae as a host plant.  Both  American Copper - Lycaena phlaeas and Lustrous Copper - Lycaena cupreus can use this plant.

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