Sagebrush Checkerspot
Chlosyne acastus ssp.
Carbon County, Montana
Adult after emerging

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Just after emerging from pupa
just after emerging

Underside of abdomen
underside of abdomen

PHOTO DETAILS - ©Nicky Davis
Steve Kohler LOCATED  female 22 June 2011 on host plant Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus  Near Belfry, Carbon County, Montana
GPS: Unknown
ELEVATION: 5099 feet

Ovum:  Female oviposited on Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus  24-25 June 2011.  Hatched 1 - 2 July 2011, about 7 days
Larva:  Overwinter as third or fourth instar
Adult:  unknown
Broods: unknown
Hibernation:  Overwinter as  larvae

Host Plant - click below for photos
Reared on  Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus then changed to Engelmann Aster  because viscidiflorus was drying out in  my area

Host Plant
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus
Engelmann Aster
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